SDS offers a free high school education to any student in grades 7-12. But what is unique about SDS? The following describes some of the characteristics of our school:

Interactive Curriculum

The SDS curriculum is designed to facilitate student progress. Course completion at SDS is based on mastery of course content.  Students complete a class by following the instructions in organized and engaging digital learning classroom. Once the course requirements are met, the class is completed, and students can move on to their next classes.

Individualized Instruction

Students receive one-on-one assistance from their instructors.  Our classrooms are set up to provide students with individual guidance as they work through their classes. Teachers will also work with students to modify course activities and tailor them to individual needs.

Individualized Learning and Interactive Learning

Learning at SDS is individualized through the use of a digital curriculum to encourage and accomodate greater independence, responsibility, and motivation.  SDS also offers interactive learning with planned instructional activities to foster cooperation and socialization while assisting students with reaching their academic goals.

Certified Instructors

All SDS instructors are certified to teach in the state of Arizona. Teacher certification is important because it ensures that instructors have specific training regarding learning styles, behavior modification, developmental psychology, instructional design, and many other specialties that impact the classroom each day.

Small School Environment

SDS is a small school of less than 50 students. This allows us to maintain a safe, family-style learning environment where everyone knows everyone. Being small helps us avoid some of the problems experienced in large schools where most people are strangers to one another and interpersonal conflicts are common.

Integrated Technology

Students have daily access to computer technology and the Internet in our classrooms with one-to-one networked computers on site. This is important because students will use computers to research information, type papers, deliver presentations, and create artwork for many of their classes.

Innovative Partnerships

SDS works with several institutions within the community who offer  services that complement our program. For example, qualifying students can complete concurrent credits at area community colleges–the credits count for both college and high school, and SDS pays for tuition.  Students can also participate in activities at other locations with administrator approval.