Our accelerated program allows students to excel at a more individualized pace.  Students at SDS complete courses by following an individualized digital curriculum that lays out all of the requirements of the course in an easy-to-follow format.  Students aren’t stuck waiting for others or  following a restrictive completion schedule.

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SDS is sponsored by the AZ State Board for Charter Schools.  We are a non-profit public school that works within the purview of the Arizona Department of Education to provide a quality public educational option in Gold Canyon.  Our academic digital curriculum is provided by Edgenuity, a Scottsdale based company that has established itself as a leader in computer-based curricula.

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SDS offers an opportunity to find your future–today!  Our individualized program is perfect for students who need personal attention.  It’s also an excellent solution for high achieving students who need to be prepared for college.  Students at SDS get one-on-one attention when they need it while also learning how to manage their own learning.

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Success is sweet. Taste it!

Have you noticed?  Today’s world is more complicated, more high-tech, and more competitive.  More than ever, getting a high school education is no longer just an option –it’s a requirement!

In today’s world, everyone knows a diploma is a ticket to a better life when it comes to opportunities, money, and jobs.

You may not have much choice about getting a diploma, but you do have a choice about where to get it.  For the first time in American history, charter schools have given students another free and public option for earning a diploma.  And at SDS, we are working every day to make sure we’re the right choice for you.

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