What is a charter school?

A charter school is a public school.  A charter is a bit like a business plan; it details all aspects of how the school is designed and managed.  This allows charter schools to create programs that differ from traditional schools, thereby providing students with that most American of concepts–a choice!

Is there a tuition charge for attending SDS?

No!  As a public school, SDS offers a free public education to any grade 5-12 student.

Is SDS a “for-profit” school?

No! SDS is a non-profit organization.  While charters can be “for-profit” or “non-profit,” our non-profit status reflects our belief that a public school should not feature private profit as its primary motivation.

Is SDS a public school?

Yes! Charter schools are public schools, which were created so ALL people have access to education, not just the wealthy.  SDS has been sponsored by the AZ State Board for Charter Schools since 1999.

What is special about the SDS program?

  • Our instruction is individualized–students can get extended one-on-one instruction and customized feedback to help them complete their course requirements.
  • Our teachers are certified–all teachers have degrees in their fields and are certified to provide educational services in the state of AZ.
  • Our program is academic–the curriculum emphasizes practice, feedback, and test preparation.
  • Our progress is accelerated–students can progress according to their motivation and ability, and successful students can even graduate early.
  • Our technology is accessible–students can log on to a computer at any time to surf the web, create a presentation, or write a report.

Who can benefit from SDS?

Because of its individual focus and emphasis on content mastery, the SDS program can particularly benefit students who need a more personalized and challenging educational experience.  Students who don’t want to attend a large school will also benefit from our caring teachers, small class sizes, and a safe school environment.

Where are open meeting notices displayed?

Public notices for meetings of the Sonoran Desert School Governing Board are posted electronically on the Sonoran Desert School website.

Public notices for meetings are also posted in the front lobby at Sonoran Desert School.

Do you have a student handbook?

Yes: 2018-19 Student Handbook

Why wasn’t this around when I was a kid?

Amazingly, some people can still ask the same question about indoor plumbing.  Isn’t progress swell?